If you devote time and money to taking care of your skin, it makes sense that you want to use the most effective products. But with so many new products constantly Overflowing the market, it is difficult to distinguish what is good, what is overvalued and what is great. Should you buy all the new skin care products when someone gives the recent and greatest lipsticks? This is not a very realistic recommendation. Instead, let’s start with what you already have. There are very simple and proven ways to maximize your daily skin care routine. Below are the seven best ways to make sure you get everything you can with the products you already own. You don’t have to be a maximalist to maximize a Skincare Routine-all you need is intelligence and patience.

initial: actually read the instructions

The initial stage of building an Ikea chair is rarely used in skin care-read all the instructions before starting. When a product makes claims about its effectiveness, these claims are based on proper application — the instructions tell you how long you leave it and how often it is used for best results. It will also help you avoid a bad reaction and maybe introduce you to a new way of using your product. Example: you are told that you must wait two minutes in the middle the steps of the Peel Pad Alpha Beta. Or maybe you can use your favorite cleansing balm as a mask for a deep cleansing. Not all products are made in the same way, so even skin care experts with extensive product experience can benefit from reading the instructions before proceeding.

Follow the order of skin care operations

Skin care is all about penetration — if your products can’t penetrate each other, they can’t penetrate very far into your skin either. There are more explanations about the correct order of skin care layering, but here’s a reminder. After cleaning, you should always apply the most liquid water-based product initial. Acid toners or pH balance products such as P50 should be used on bare skin. From there, apply an essence if you have one, then serums and spot treatments, an eye cream, then a moisturizer. If you wish, you can supplement this with an oil. If oil is your hero product, apply it to damp skin to seal in that moisture before it evaporates and don’t follow anything else (except sunscreen, of course). The oil applied before water-soluble products — such as essences, serums and moisturizers – acts as a barrier, weakening the effectiveness of these water-soluble products. For the day, SPF should always be the last step in your Routine. It is also very important to apply an SPF on dry skin. Just as the SPF mixture in makeup dilutes it, applying it to an even more moist moisturizer offers less SPF protection.

Run the cotton pad and apply the liquid care directly to the skin

We know that we have been told to follow the instructions of a product! However, if your skin is clean, there is no real reason to apply Toner or essence with a cotton pad — a wipe on a Toner can remove the last remnants of dirt or makeup, as well as remove makeup and deeply cleanse. Cotton pads not only waste the environmental impact, but also absorb the product and you will go through expensive toners or essences faster. To skip this step, shake a few drops of Toner or essence in your fingers or directly on the skin. Then use the same pressure and tapping method that you would use with cotton wool to distribute the face, neck and décolleté.

Combine mixture that help each other

Go to your bathroom and line up all the skin care products you own, even those that you only use sometimes. Do you remember that feeling of being separated from your best friend in school projects? It’s possible that you accidentally did this with your Skincare Routine-but while you and your friend have been separated to be more productive, separating yourself from the best skincare makes you less effective. Some mixture act in Symbiosis, adding what others need for faster and more visible results. Divide your Routine into day and night according to the products that work best together. For example, if you use vitamin C, you should use it on SPF in the morning. The antioxidants present in vitamin C actually help your sunscreen work superior, and the SPF helps protect your skin against the development of hyperpigmentation that you would use to lighten. And chase away your strongest acid at night with your richest moisturizer to keep your skin’s protective barrier intact.

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