What do you call a Lotion that does not moisturize? A) a very bad Lotion, not a “good” one, or B) a “dry lotion”, formerly known as an acne treatment, defined by its liquid formula, for which you have to use a Q-TIP?

The answer is… both, but drying lotions are much worse. Choose a dry lotion and read your list of mixture. As a rule, there is sulfur, zinc, clay and salicylic acid. Sounds like a recipe for a great acne treatment, doesn’t it? Wrong. Because the basis of this soup Of mixture is Alcohol — Alcohol, to be exact – which cancels out everything that can come out of the bottle. It’s about as effective as pouring drink into your green juice — it feels good at initial, great indeed! But this is long-term Sabotage.


Rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) is an essential mixture in the most popular drying lotions, as it kills acne-causing bacteria in high concentrations. When applied once to a pimple, the dry lotion dries out your skin and effectively traps pus under a freshly dry and flaky top layer of skin. This will eventually prolong the life of the pimple and keep the inflamed area longer, and it will not work much superior on burst pimples. On these, the healing process is slowed down and the area is more likely to discolor with hyperpigmentation. Moisture is a key element of healing. If you have already undergone surgery, you should know that you also need to keep a health issue moist, not get rid of scabies or scars (or, if you haven’t, you now know that). It’s the same principle here.


When Zit arrives, I always have some kind of spot treatment on hand—it’s just not a dry lotion. Exchange your old faithful Mario Badescu for a button patch reality check. They absorb any infected liquid, but keep the Zit protected and moist to promote healing. As a bonus, they also prevent you from touching or touching them, minimizing the spread of infection. Some are so boring and tiny that you can even wear them to work. I promise! I’m going to do it now.


Next, separate the Anti-acne mixture from the drying lotions in separate steps to prevent breakouts before they occur. Salicylic acid, the BHA responsible for removing blackheads and whiteheads from the outside, is an excellent daily toner. I love this zinc mist in the summer, but a classic body sunscreen gives your skin all the anti-inflammatory properties of zinc and SPF. Look for sulfur as a cleanser (the dermis has the best) or a la Cruz ointment. It is also a unique treatment, but a thick paste is supposed to keep the skin hydrated and soothed.

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