Based on the evidence coming only from our high-end archives, it was possible to conclude that few people use eye cream. Karolina Kurkova? No Eye Cream. Neither the makeup artist Jenn Streicher, nor the beauty expert Alessandra Steinherr, nor the maximalist facial specialist Georgia Louise. Zora matterbere justified her lack of eye cream by saying: “I don’t use them and I think a lot of eye creams make my eyes look puffy. It’s strange.”And maybe the opponents of the eye cream are right! Who can say that? For a very small jar of product, eye creams come with many expectations: they are designed to brighten, lighten, expose, lubricate and be superior than Botox. All we know for sure is that Stan’s eye cream remains the vocal majority — and there is nothing more convincing than the passionate testimony.


After finding your perfect match, follow the instructions of beautician Melanie Simon: “Wipe lightly, let soak, then wipe off the excess so that it does not flake or dent.”As for the eye cream itself, here’s what we heard.


“I wash myself with water, put on serum and retinol again, then use my favorite Tata Harper eye cream. There is diamond dust inside and it almost looks like a highlighter. On weekends, when I’m not wearing makeup, I just wear it.”- Babba Canales Rivera

“The dew from Farmacy’s eyes is beautiful because it shines and because I don’t wear makeup, it gives something to my inferior eyes.– Rati Sahi

“I alternate in the middle Shiseido and Tatcha pots. Both have iridescent properties, so that when they are put on, the entire area is illuminated.”- Hilary Rhoda

“I love this refreshing Origins Ginzing eye cream, which contains reflective parts to help you feel awake. I’m talking about eye treatment.”- Candice Huffine

For dark circles

“I make Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright eye cream. Sometimes I get dark circles when I’m really tired, and this removes dark circles and gives me a new look.– Imaan Hammam

“Then I started using the eye cream from La Roche Posay. I always have bags and sapphire under my eyes when I wake up, and it really helps. I always like to have a little darkness under my eyes, but as I get older and it’s worse, you think: “maybe I want to look fresher.’–Christoph Niquet

“I am passionate about eye creams. Passion. For a while I used Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme eye cream, but recently I chose MD Bright Eyes Dark Circle Radiance Concentrate Gold Thread because it is superior for my dark circles, as the name suggests. I use it day and night.– Amber Valletta


Love Blowing

“When I get out of the shower, I use the Sunday Riley Auto Correct eye cream. It contains caffeine so that you don’t look tired.”- Anna Jube

“The Glytone antioxidant anti-aging cream is an eye cream that I received from my dermatologist. I have the impression that he sinks in well and pretends to be a little naked, which is my main problem with my eyes. I’ve never really noticed my dark circles, but when they are swollen, it becomes problematic for work. In front of the camera, you can cover any color, but it is difficult to cover the volume, buttons, pockets and pockets.”- Judy Greer


“I use the Hydraphase anti-fatigue eye cream from La Roche-Posay to eliminate puffiness.”- Anne-Victoire Lefevre

“I don’t use eye cream at night – I just apply my usual moisturizer. But when I feel bloated, I just use the concoction that I keep in my refrigerator.”- Christina Ricci


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