You know that feeling, after a long day at work, after eating, cleaning, watching TV, emailing, texting, Planning and wasting a lot of excruciating energy on something that you absolutely cannot change… if you can’t wait to start your skin care routine every night? Yeah, me neither.


Because there is nothing incompatible with a long day at work than…no no more work. And phew, skin care is a job. When I get home, my general approach is to give in to the sweet siren song of food and television while balancing some business in terms of work and marriage. I go there with good intentions:”I will come to my skin care when everything is ready,” I lie — surprisingly well, I would like to add — to myself. But at the moment when I want my face to be covered with foam, my priorities have shifted to sleep, which, in my opinion, is much more attractive and fun as a Mature, which we can certainly agree with.

What sleep is not – at least if it replaces my skin care during the night – is good for my skin. For a while, I hacked my Routine to accommodate my sleep schedule – you may remember my “No Descent” night routine from not so long ago. But I became more lazy and tired. So much so that, overall, I skipped my night skin care routine more often than not. My skin: not happy. My mood: about the same as my skin. But a few months ago, something profound occurred to me: why not start my skin care as soon as I get home from work? Why wait?


After months of trial and error, I can firmly assume that the best time to start your skincare routine is when you get home from work. Or at school. Or somewhere – say in the middle 18h and 20h on weekdays (do what so ever you want on your days off). As soon as I get home, I get to work. My day clothes are undressed, my dress continues, then I immediately switch to makeup remover and facial cleanser mode. After finishing at the sink, I take the rest of the products I need and place them right in front of me (usually the coffee table) so that they are easily accessible. Another layer of skin care is added to my face every 15 minutes or so. initial comes the P50, then the gasoline engine (my favorite these days is Amore Pacific Vintage single Extract). Then the eye cream (I use Glossier – believe me, it’s awesome). When Real Housewives of Pick-your-City arrives, I’m at my last step: Mary Allan’s unclad Luminosity Hydra Plumping drops, the only face oil I’ve ever loved. And then I’m ready to sit down and turn off my brain, and more importantly, my night routine is completely over.


Let me tell you that the results have been awesome. On the one hand, I do a Routine that is certainly superior than no Routine. And I do it before I’m completely exhausted, which makes the whole exercise more enjoyable. But you may be wondering, Can you still call a night routine a night routine if you do it in full view of the sun? I say you can, and then you can call it a day.

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