A Look from exactly five years ago: Taco Bell (finally!) started making breakfast, Pharrell Williams became a big hat and a Movie about two royal sisters definitely changed what you think when you hear the phrase: “let him go.”Also: Lebron James became a pilot again, and the ice bucket challenge was everywhere. And one more thing: Glossier officially launched.

Glossier was born from this site that you are currently reading and came at a time when many people were on Instagram, but many brands (including beauty brands) were not. It was a completely different time! Especially when you consider how rare it was for a brand to reuse a customer’s Instagram photos. But these photos! You really did something. We are talking about tight, tight and confident shots of pink and happy faces. Her face, her face, mine, yours. They were all different, but not what was what? That healthy glow? Barely there makeup or sometimes nothing at all? It’s not “perfect skin” because there isn’t one, but it’s more like skin care in action. They show their skin after cleansing, toning, maybe add a serum or two. You really hydrated yourself. And after a sunscreen and maybe a concealer (or not or something else-it’s your face!), find the light for your Selfie and tap to publish.

You definitely don’t need lighter products to have lighter skin, but if you use them, at least you know that you can’t go wrong. “The key to [pink skin] is to really prepare and cleanse it,” said makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who often works with Glossier. That and “rolling your skin in outward movements, almost like what your grandmother would do to you when you were a child by squeezing your cheeks”, helps to give a “hydrated and fresh glow”.”But if lighter skin is fresh and healthy skin, the disadvantage is that you can only have fresh and fresh skin for so long in one day. After all, the shine decreases, and this is where makeup comes in. Sort of.

Futuredew is a skincare-makeup hybrid that helps you keep your radiance a little longer, like all day long. Designed as the last step in your skin care routine, it’s an oil-rich serum that harnesses the moisturizing properties of squalane and the brightening effects of crushed minerals to make anyone wearing it feel like “I just gave my skin something good” – for hours. No highlighter required, but it is good to use if you want. Other media call Futuredev “lighter skin in a bottle.”And although it is definitely clearer in a bottle, it is not the only thing that makes the skin brighter.”You need yourself to make the skin brighter. Futuredev is the icing on the cake.

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