Going out in the morning with young children is an ordeal. I only have one toddler and there is always a perfectly timed tantrum or request to play moves or “pick up!”just when I’m trying to leave. And in the middle us preparing and feeding (and I have help with that!) any semblance of a beauty routine is the initial thing I sacrifice during the binge. I would always prefer to play with her for a few more minutes instead of layering skincare and applying makeup.

The fact is that I feel superior about myself by applying a little moisturizer and Mascara. I think I look less tired, more together, and that’s why I look more confident. And after spending almost a year with Into the Gloss, I am much more familiar with the few products with which I can get the most out of with the least total of time possible. I have reduced my morning routine to five steps, which can be done in three minutes.

Step 1: Clean

I slip a cotton pad with Bioderma micellar water on my face. I do it at night. I will never be a person who “double cleanses” or even really “cleanses”.”It suits me.

Step 2: Moisturize

Then this Shiseido balancing plasticizer. It’s technically a Toner, but it moisturizes like an essence and feels less difficult than a serum. I splashed it! My face tends to be incredibly dry and it instantly makes everything less tight. Another Option is the essence of wild peach and lily dew – it is less astringent and fragrance-free for sensitive skin.

Step 3: Protect

After about 30 seconds (since the Toner is a viscous liquid, it flows quite quickly), I then applied the tinted Nourishing day cream from Josh Rosebrook. If working here has taught me anything, it’s that you never leave home without sunscreen. Ali introduced me to this, and it’s really a revelation: it has an SPF 30, is super moisturizing and the shade balances me a little. A mineral sunscreen that is not even a little scratched is difficult to find — this is done by non-nanoparticles sprayed with zinc oxide, never leaving a white plaster. He made the itg top 25 of the decade for a good reason. I feel very responsible after this step!

Step 4: Add Tau Witchcraft

Futuredew seals in my moisture and makes me look superior instantly. I show it on the highlights of my face (cheekbones, nose, Cupid’s Bow – basically all the places where the highlighter is attached) and I look radiant and maybe even slightly rested? This product is really a bit magical.

Step 5: and find out

The stage where this Routine takes the path! You didn’t think I had enough time to take five steps home, did you? I put on mascara and a young forehead while waiting for the train or even when I’m on the train. I am that person-judge far away. I don’t even need a mirror to apply my lip color, usually a cool lip treatment in berries, so I do it in the elevator that goes to the office. And then the doors opened, and I did it! What else could I need?

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