What about the facial oil that is polarized in this way? Either it is denounced as snake oil, or it is celebrated as a miracle. Either it costs five hundred, or a penny. Either it is presented as a universal solution, or it is suitable for only a handful of people. Maybe it’s just the simple concept of adding oil that’s troubling-oily skin needs a deep cleanse, dry skin needs hydration, and facial oil doesn’t do both. But it does many other things and in fact, there is probably an oil that does exactly what you need for each skin type. Not all oils are created equal, and choosing the right oil can mean the difference in the middle a rash and clear skin. Here is the perfect complement if your skin is…



Although you may think that it is not intuitive to add oil to oily skin, there are several reasons why it is actually a good idea. initially, it is possible that your skin looks oily because it is overcompensated. Squeaky cleansers, a cocktail of acid that is too strong and drying clay masks may be good for the moment, but eliminate the natural oils that the skin uses to protect itself. Your skin doesn’t know that you are just trying to help! Instead, he thinks he needs to produce more because all those oils are gone. Treating oily skin with a light oil strengthens the protective barrier of your skin so that it does not feel the need to swell the production itself. Supplementing your skin’s natural oil can be especially useful if you are oily and prone to breakouts. As this study shows, unbalanced levels of oleic acid and linoleic acid, two fatty acids that make up sebum, have been observed in acne patients. Face oils with a high content of linoleic acid are ideal for oily skin.


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Trilogy of Rosehip Oil: This pure organic rosehip is quickly absorbed to soothe and balance oily skin. It is one of the richest in linoleic acid, is full of antioxidants and has been proven to be anti-inflammatory.
It is ideal if your skin falls on the sensitive side because it does not contain essential oils.

Lion Oil: This cult favorite oil combines rosehip with sapphire tansy, a derivative of chamomile that has been shown to have very good antibacterial properties. The base of meadow moss seed oil, a light oil with a composition similar to natural sebum, allows the oil to be absorbed quickly and without greasy residue.

Klei Salicylic Acid Oil 2%: The basis of this clarifying oil is grape seed oil, which is also rich in linoleic acid. Black seed oil has an antibacterial effect, while 2% salicylic acid makes it the most active oil on the package. Do you have frequent skin rashes, but do you still want the nourishing and radiant effects of a facial oil? This is for you.


Dry skin is dry when your skin does not produce enough oil. And while you can certainly have dehydrated skin with oily skin, oil-free skin also allows your skin’s natural moisture to evaporate faster. With dry skin, you will notice more flaking, irritation and visible fine lines. Dry skin likes oils rich in oleic acid, which complement its protective barrier and lubricate the areas where wrinkles form.

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Regular Marula Oil: This single mixture oil is rich in oleic acid and antioxidants, making it a good place to start if your skin is prone to reactivity. It is also naturally rich in vitamin C – regular use can help brighten and even smooth your complexion.

Cosmic supernatural luminous oil: The peridot oil that you saw on Instagram is as beautiful as it looks thanks to a rich blend of camellia, baobab and squalane seed oils. At the top is Amla oil, obtained from gooseberries – like marula oil, it is full of natural vitamins C.in in addition, the formulation contains a drop of sapphire tansy, which not only gives it its characteristic green color, but also has a soothing and antibacterial effect.


Herbivorous LAPIS Oil: Herbivorous oil is recommended for those who are mainly dry and also tend to break. It acts as a mild antibacterial thanks to the inclusion of sapphire tansy. The name of the game for dry and acute skin is a soothing inflammation that causes light sapphire tansy. Kukui oil is soothing, but not too rich for the day. A budget deception is Acure sapphire tansy oil-both have supporting casts of Kukui, Jojoba and tocopherol oils.

Nazan Snap Celestine Oil: a high content of azulene, another name for sapphire tansy, gives this oil its dark sapphire hue. It is richer than the herbivorous oil, thanks to the camellia and sweet almond oils rich in oil, and is more suitable for extra dry and irritated skin. The extracts of tocopherol and elderberry make it a powerful antioxidant.


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